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General information

Items in exclusive catalogues can be supplemented with additional information, values or labels. These supplements can influence the sorting, the displaying of search results, the item detail page, or the OCI transfer data.


Presentation of item labels within the Mercateo search

Typical item labels are:

  • Standard label/core product range
  • Merchandise group (customer-specific or eCl@ss/UNSPSC)
  • Material number
  • Customer-specific item number
  • Service
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Customs tariff numbers

The labels can either be saved directly in the catalogue in the field BUYER_AID by the supplier or added to the catalogue subsequently via catalogue management by the customer.

Technical information on BMEcat field BUYER_AID

According to the BMEcat specification the element BUYER_AID was originally used to transmit specific item numbers to the buying company.

In the Mercateo system, the functions of the BUYER_AID were expanded so there can also be stated item numbers, merchandise groups, IDs of classifications systems, search terms and other labels according to customer specification.

Extract from BMEcat

<BUYER_AID type=”buyer_specific”>23330</BUYER_AID>


  • The BUYER_AID is only processed and evaluated for exclusive catalogues
  • In the BMEcat tag BUYER_AID, the associated “type” must also always be stated
  • The element BUYER_AID can appear multiple times for an item
For questions relating to the labels, please contact your customer. Mercateo is happy to help you with implementation in the catalogue.

Information about multiple labels

Multiple labels are possible. There must, however, be a distinction made in terms of the “type”.

Extract from BMEcat (example with 3 different labels):

<BUYER_AID type=”buyer_specific”>buyer specific labelling</BUYER_AID>
<BUYER_AID type=”merchandise group”>buyer specific labelling</BUYER_AID>

Implementation in the Mercateo workflow

The BUYER_AID is entered in column BB. Multiple labels are possible. The values are saved according to the following scheme:

Single label:


Example: CORERANGE=c

Multiple label:


Example: CORERANGE=c|buyer_specific=22335|WGR=100


Implementation in the Excel template

Please note:

  • For multiple labels, the separator is a pipe symbol (key combination “shift” and “\”)
  • No spaces can be present
  • For multiple inputs, the type must differ. For instance, “CORERANGE=c|CORERANGE=C” is not a correct input