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CarPC JoyCon EXR (Adapter-Interface f. Lenkrad-Fernbedienungen)

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Mit dem CarPC JoyCon EX Adapter-Interface können Sie Ihren Car-PC mit der Lenkradfernbedienung ihres Fahrzeugs steuern. Sie können den MediaPlayer oder Front-End Programme wie z.b. Centrafuse bedienen. Da die Tasten Ihrer Lenkrad-Fernbedienung auf beliebig einstellbare Tasten gemappt werden kann jegliche Software, die mit Tasten bedient werden kann, angesteuert werden.

Hardware feature
- Converts resistive steering wheel remote controls into USB HID keyboard
and HID remote controller.
- Works same as standard USB HID keyboard and HID remote controller by hardware.
- 24V tolerant 4 channel resistive(voltage) input.
- Supports 28 physical buttons, 52 programmable logical buttons.
- Long and Short button for one physical button, up to 5 simultaneous key strokes by one button.
- 2 programmable LED port.
- Remote wake-up(resume PC from sleep with steering wheel remote controls).
- Channel Master/Slave selectable
- Temperature range : -40 ~ +85°C

JoyCon Explorer-aided feature
- Preset change by Preset up and down buttons.
- Speech and OSD when preset is changed, when button is pressed.
- Application link(application launches and pops up with preset changing).
- User definable Button Speech and OSD.
- Automatic Button Detection
- Rearview with USB camera
- Online firmware update.

- No external power or driver installation needs.
- Available OS : Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003
(JoyCon Explorer supports Windows XP and the later version. JoyCon Explorer does not support Linux. But CarPC JoyCon Exr works on Linux and Mac after it is configured at Windows.)

App Link enables to launch application with steering wheel remote control's button and switch application when preset is changed.


Connect two wires of CarPC JoyCon Exr’s input channel to the remote controls, and connect USB.

This is the typical resistance-output steering wheel remote controller's circuit.
You can put additional buttons like green box below by DIY, if you want.

You can control two external LED.


You can use typical USB cam as a rearview camera with CarPC JoyCon Exr.
Any USB camera or video capture device can be rearview camera. 

Rearview pops up when Channel C detects reversing light,

Jex Cam shows when reversing light is detected.
Any video capture device can be rearview camera.
Horizontal and Vertical Mirror is supported.

This video shows rearview test with USB camera.

How to use Steering wheel remote controls in Centrafuse

Supported cars(reported so far):

and many other cars with resistive steering wheel controls

Supported remote controller:
Sony RM-X2S

Sony RM-X11M

What is different Exr from Ex?
Exr is almost same with Ex.


Exr can select master/slave mode by software option(at JoyCon Explorer).
Master mode is to connect CPJexr to PC only.
Slave mode is to connect CPJexr both to PC and Car Radio.

In the previous EX version, user had to desolder the diodes on the PCB manually to use slave mode.

And Exr has an extension port for future upgrade.

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